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Wild life facts

The Cane Toad is natively found in Southern United States, The population of Cane Toads are healthy and even manageable in their natural range. The Cane Toad was introduced in Australia to help with controlling a beetle population. The Cane Toad is a large, venomous toad which is also known as the Marine Toad or the Giant Neotropical Toad. They get the giant adjective since they can grow up to 15 cm (6) long and weigh about 1.3 kg.

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Don’t want Gin

No Chocolate Cake a loss but what it is missing in some sections, is the feel good attitude that songs like "Hey Jealousy" and "Allison Road" projected, as the Gin Blossoms sound more focused on recreating the sound then just recording it naturally. 19 years is a long time in the music world and the Gin Blossoms have been chasing the glory days ever since.

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Japanese tattoos

Japanese designs are regarded as some of the most exquisite tribal tattoos around. The great thing about Japanese tattoos is they can be worn by both men and women. People around the world are clamoring to have Japanese lettering tattooed on their bodies. These designs look fabulous on any part of the anatomy. Japanese culture is made up of many rituals and symbols.

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Acid rain

Acid rain has many ecological effects, but none is greater than its impact on lakes, streams, wetlands, and other aquatic environments. Acid rain makes waters acidic and causes them to absorb the aluminum that makes its way from soil into lakes and streams. This combination makes waters toxic to crayfish, clams, fish, and other aquatic animals.

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Clinical Research Applications of Mass Spectrometry

Over the past three years, Proteome Sciences has been working with team members at the BRIMS Center to adapt workflows for isotope dilution mass spectrometry assays based on the technique of selected reaction monitoring (SRM). With the installation of the highly sensitive TSQ Vantage triple quadrupole mass spectrometer and Thermo Scientific Accela LC system at its Frankfurt labs, Proteome Sciences will expand its relationship with BRIMS to develop its proprietary biomarker assays in Alzheimer’s disease and cancer to develop these for clinical research applications.


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